What is Laparoscopy?


         Laparoscopy is a procedure that allows examining the reproductive organs i.e. uterus from outside, both fallopian tubes & ovaries and the adjacent organs. It uses an endoscope (or laparoscope) which is thin, lighted tube put through a cut (incision) in the belly and a camera which is connected to a video screen. Laparoscopic surgical instrument may also be inserted to operate certain abnormalities. Laparoscopy is used for following reasons –

  • If indicated to examine the pelvic reproductive organs for the presence of any abnormality before IVF treatment,
  • To examine the fallopian tubes blockage by dye test and both the ovaries,
  • To perform PCO drilling in case of cystic ovaries,
  • To remove any fibroids of the uterus by myomectomy,
  • To examine and surgically treat endometriosis, ectopic pregnancies or infections,
  • To examine and surgically treat any presence of adhesion (adhesiolysis), ovarian cysts (cystectomy),
  • To perform tubal ligation (contraceptive treatment),
  • To remove the reproductive organs (hysterectomy)

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