Patient expressing her experience at the 25th Anniversary celebration of Dr. Lad's Navjeevan Hospital.

Speaking at 25th Anniversary Celebration

Fresh IVF cycle was negative. Frozen embryo transfer of 2 fully expanded blastocyst resulted in twin pregnancy. The couple is blessed with a baby boy and a girl.

Successful Frozen Embryo Transfer - Twin Babies

Couple blessed with twins, a boy and a girl after repeat IVF cycle attempt

Twin Babies after IVF

An elderly lady at the age of 49 years bleesed with twins boys after repeated IVF failure.

49 years old lady - Twin Babies

The couple blessed with Twins after 9 failed self IVF cycles

Twin Babies after Surrogacy

This patient was suffering from the problem of Urinary Incontinence due to which she was unable to perform the routine activities. 
After successful treatment, the patient got relief from the problem and is happy.

Relieved from Urinary Leakage Problem

An elderly couple blessed with a baby after 1st attempt of IUI. Later also conceived by IUI treatment.

Successful attempts of IUI

The elderly couple IVF cycle succeeded and the couple blessed with a baby boy.

Successful IVF

Couple blessed with a girl by IVF treatment. Later with twins also by IVF treatment. 

Happiness of Parenthood - IVF is a boon

The couple blessed with a baby boy after successful IVF Treatment

Successful IVF - Blessed couple

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