In association with Divya Marathi ...Dr. Lad's Navjeevan Hospital has initiated the IVF Knowledge Series which will be published every-month to help the needy people. The series will be able to answer many queries of the general public related to IVF and its treatment procedures.

21st IUI Workshop

21st IUI workshop was conducted @ Dr. Lad's Navjeevan Hospital, where various lectures were delivered by Dr. Neha Lad & Dr. Nitin Lad on IUI & Infertility, followed by hands on Training & Q & A session with leading Gynaecologists & Infertility specialists from Nashik & Nearby places. Thanks a lot to all the attendees for making it a big success.

CME on IVF Past , Present and Future By Dr. Nitin Lad @ Nandurbar- CME was organised to share the experience of 26 yrs within the field of infertility with the new & budding gynaecologists, infertility specialists etc from Nandurbar & nearby areas.Thanks to all the attendees for making it successful.

Free Health Check Up was organised in the Gawalwadi in association with Rotary Club, North Nashik by Dr. Lad's Navjeevan Hospital, Nashik. Gawalwadi is one of the villages adopted by Rotary Club North Nashik. Free Check Up and Free consultaion was provided to the patients.

Dr. Lad's Navjeevan Hospital, Nashik is conducting its 21st IUI Workshop, for registration please contact 8669668652.

Infertility to Maternity Revisited - ISAR Regional Conference 

The 2nd ISAR conference, "Infertility to Maternity" 2018 was held in the beautiful city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra, India, from 25th to 26th August 2018.

This conference promised to be an excellent learning opportunity with Live demonstration of all ART procedures being relayed for the first time in a 3D theatre. Experts from all over the country and abroad presented the latest developments in ART.

NIMA WOMEN'S FORUM ,NSK arranged morning cme of reknowned infertility consultant DR NEHA LAD.She gave her guidance on very important topic "FIT AT 40 N ABOVE".


CME on Test Tube Baby- Past, Present & Future- By Dr. Nitin Lad @ Rahata. A big thank you to all the attendees for making it a big Success. Special thanks to Dr. Dange, President IMA, Rahata.

GESI 2018- Pune

GESI - 2018, With BRIDGINGTHE EXCELLENCE BETWEEN GYNECOLOGY & ENDOCRINOLOGY as its theme, this conference was held under the aegis of Gynae Endocrinology Society of India (GESI) & organized by Pune Ob Gyn Society (POGS).

This conference was focused on newer advances in the management of endocrinal problems in gynecology with emphasis on Infertility, PCOS, Thyroid, Amenorrhea, Hyperprolactenemia, Menopause, & Hormonal contraception. There was also Problem solving focused sessions with discussion on interesting cases of Gynae-Endocrionology, a long with four congress orations & keynote addresses. Eminent faculty from all over India and Internationally shared their knowledge and expirence on wide range of topics related to Gynae-Endocrionology. As well abstract for Oral & poster presentations were invited. This was aunique Conference on the speciality subject of Gynae Endocrinology held in pune second time with huge delegate response legacy.

MOTIVATION : Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal , so to stimulate the factors Motivational Lecture was organised @ Dr. Lad's Navjeevan Hospital, Nashik.
Speaker: Mr. Rajesh Gurule.

A NURSE is -

- A person who cares for patients they have never met before.

- A person who witnesses life and death before their eyes everyuday.

- Someone who gets yelled at daily, simply for doing their job.

- Someone who arrives at work early and leaves late.

- Someone who rarely receives a "Thank You"

Please Thank your next NURSE !!! 


Lecture on Hormone Therapy in the menopausal woman, Dhule OBGYN Society - By Dr. Neelima Deshpande (Dr. Lad's Navjeevan BOUMS Clinic, Nashik).

Karamyogini 2018 !!

Dr. Neha Lad was one of the jury members for the event to encourage the women who are doing wonders in their respective fields. 
The event was organised by Deshdhoot to celebrate and recognize the achievements of the women from various fields like beauty, Health, agriculture, sports etc.

Happy Women's Day !
To celebrate the day Dr. Lad's Navjeevan Hospital BOUMS Clinic provided a platform to discuss all the health issues of Women Health in presence of Dr. Neha Lad, Dr. Neelima Deshpande and Dr. Meenal Kotkar as the main speakers on 4th March 2018.
Session was specially designed to provide the information on 
"URINE INCONTINENCE and PELVIC FLOOR EXCERCISES" which was then followed by a very healthy interactive session.



CME was organised to spread the awareness regarding the recent developments in IVF within the well known medical practitioners of Bhuldhana and nearby areas which was then followed by very interesting interactive session with live case studies

Team Building acitivities were organised and efforts were taken for  turning a group of individual employees into a cohesive team, a group of people organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the needs of their customers by accomplishing their purpose and goals.

Indian Association of Gynecological Endoscopists (IAGE) International Conference ENDOWORLD 2018, Aurangabad.

Two days live endoscopic surgery workshop, hands on IUI workshop and delicious scientific deliberations were the most important attractions  of the conference.

Deshdhoot "Health Guide" was launched in presence of well known delegates including Dr. Neha Lad and Dr. Neelima Deshpande (Dr. Lad's Navjeevan Hospital BOUMS Clinic)

Rotary West

Lecture on Women Health by Dr. Neha Lad, in an event organised by Rotary west, Nashik for Women Empowerment.Lecture was focused on various issues of women health like PCOD, Sex Education, Infertility, High risk Pregnancy etc.

Hi, Friends , sharing very interesting case with you all.

Ms. Heena , 31yrs old highly educated couple married for last 5 yrs came to our hospital for baby. when we examined her, we found small tumor on her inner lining of womb . when I inquired her, there was familiar nodule 1 yr back which was removed. This time we did Hysteroscopy procedure and nodule was removed and was sent for pathological testing.

To our shock report came as "Well differentiated adenocarcinoma" (cancer of lining of womb) !!

We decide to insert a medical Intrauterine Device and high dose progesteron pill for her. She was monitored very closely by ultrasound screening.

Afetr 4 months repeat hysteroscopy was done,intrauterine device was removed, her lining was looking pretty good. We again took biopsies from her linning and sent for repeat testing. Yes this time report was good and we decided to go ahead with IVF (Test Tube Baby) so that we can get quicker result, as cancer should not reappear.

Thanks to almighty but she conceived in 1st attempt and now enjoying her pregnancy.

Bravo !! Dont get demoralised and fight !!!

- By Dr. Neha Lad.

20th IUI Workshop

Dr. Lad's Navjeevan Hospital, Nashik conducted "20th IUI Workshop" which included Hands on Training , Lectures on clinical apects, (various stimulation protocols) & Lab Aspects , Interactive sessions with doctors, Q & A sessions ...under the guidance of Dr. Nitin Lad & Dr. Neha Lad .

Widest range of services "ALL UNDER ONE ROOF"

  • Semen pH
  • Sperm Membrane Integrity Test  (Vitality & HOS)
  • Sperm Morphology
  • Leucocytes Destection
  • Antisperm Antibody (MAR Test)
  • Quantitative Estimation of Zinc, Fructose-α-Glycoside in seminal Plasma
  • Advance SFT like DNA Fragmentation and Nuclear Protein Assessment
  • Genetic Counseling and Genetic Evaluation
  • Testicular Biopsy
  • Advance Endocrinology Investigation
  • Complete investigation profile for Azoospermia, Oligospermia, Asthenospermia, Necrospermia
  • Investigation Result & Clinical Finding Co-relation Establishment
CME @ Pimpalgaon

CME was organised @ Pimpalgaon, Maharashtra, to discuss the recent trends in Infertility in the guidance of Dr. Nitin Lad and in presence of well known medical delegates.

Dr. Nitin Lad discussed the reasons of infertility & the various treatments available in Dr. Lad's Navjeevan Hospital to tackle infertility.

Lecture by Dr. Neha Lad was arranged for B.Ed students to get the proper guidance & direction on Time Management.

Lecture @ "Me No Pause" - how to tackle it through Health & Grace- Fit & Fab beyond 40+ by Dr. Neelima Deshpande(Dr. Lad's BOUMS Clinic) Jain Ekta Manch, Nashik. The lecture was followed by very effective interactive session within the speaker & the audience present at the lecture.

International Day of Radiology. This year, on November 8, the European Society of Radiology (ESR), the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the American College of Radiology(ACR) will celebrate the sixth International Day of Radiology(IDoR 2017), along with radiological societies the world over

CME on IVF Myth & Reality by Dr. Nitin Lad on 5th NOv 2017.

Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Venue - Grand Hometel, Mind Space, Chincholi Bunder, Behind Inorbit Mall,off,New Link Road, Malad (W)- Mumbai.

To spread the awareness within the ladies about the symptoms of the Menopause, Dr. Neha Lad & Dr. NitinLad shared their experience by putting their words on paper.

Annual Day for Dr. Lad’s Navjeevan Hospital, Nashik………..a day to celebrate & remember the past achievements and look forward to the journey ahead !

Dr. Lad’s Navjeevan Hospital , was chosen as the venue for this year’s event to set the stage for unveiling the journey and what we aspire to achieve in the years to come.

The day started with a speech by the Director – Dr. Nitin Lad & Dr. Neha Lad addressing on the journey so far & how the organization has evolved by diversifying  its offerings & geographical reach along with the use of innovation & cutting edge technology.

This was followed by array of cultural events where employees across the organization gave impeccable performances through multiple dance forms , songs & poems.

The day ended with an amazing team lunch….!!!

Free health check Up & Lecture given by Dr. Neelima Deshpande @ Manavseva Care centre (Oldage Home) @ Pathardi Phata, Nashik. to help the ladies for sharing their problems after Menopause. Interactive session was also done between the ladies of the center and Dr. Neelima Deshpande, followed by specialised excercises.

RTM @ Sakhri.

Dr. Nitin Lad sharing his experience of more than two decades with the other renowned doctors of Sakhri region.

Lecture & Health Check Up on infertility by Dr. Nitin Lad @ Jindal Saw, Sinner.

Thanks to all the ladies for overwhelming response @ inauguration ceremony & health check up @ Dr. Lad's Navjeevan Hospital BOUMS Clinic, Nashik in presence of Dr. Smt. Neelima Tai Pawar & Dr. Hemlata Patil.

FERTITECH-2017, Pune.

Inauguration ceremony of Dr. Lad's Navjeevan Hospital - BOUMS clinic- first of its kind of menopausal clinic in Nashik, where women can share their menopausal problems to get the solutions.

Dr. Lad's Navjeevan Hospital, Nashik...celebrates the birthday of newborn Baby !!!

Article on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Deshdhoot on 15 Sep 2017

Dr. Lad' Navjeevan Hospital Celebrating birthday of newborn baby !!!

Dr. Lad had Round Table Meeting with all the leading gynecologists of Satana to share his latest experiences by discussing the recent cases. 

Dr. Neha Lad is an infertility specialist with an experience of 20 yrs.In this video she explained about different types of nfertility treatment options.

Dr. Neha Lad is an infertility specialist with an experience of 20 years. In this video Dr. Neha Lad expains about the Egg donation and surrogacy. 


Dr. Nitin Lad , ART consultant since last 25 years explains about infertility problems and its treatment.


In this video Dietician is explaining the role of the diet while undergoing he IVF.

Dr. Nitin Lad was invited by the Latur OBGY to deliver a lecture on 'Role of Embryology Lab in ART'

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IUI Workshop

Dr. Nitin Lad delivered a lecture on 'Infertility - What we should know?' for Doctors at Virar, Mumbai on 17th March 2016 and for doctors of Vasai, Mumbai on 23rd April 2016.

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Dr. Nitin Lad was invited to deliver a lecture on the topic - 'Recent Overview of Hormonal Assessment' at AMOGS Conference

A case of Myomectomy of Fibroid Polyp (dumbelled shaped 66 x 36 mm) extending till the cervical canal. Operated by Dr. Neha Lad.

Awareness Program

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