Lifestyle Checks

Alongwith infertility treatment certain lifestyle modifications will help us to increase the chances of achieving our goal.

  • Weight - Being under or overweight is not only important for good health but also very important factor for prospective parents. Weight loss diet chart is available at our reception.
  • Diet - Make sure that you eat a nutritious, balanced diet. Your diet should include daily intake of fruits, salad, green vegetables, milk and pulses. Drink plenty of water. We have a well experienced dietician available to help you design your diet chart.
  • Exercise - Irrespective of your weight it is very important to exercise regularly for smooth functioning of your body. Our support team will help to find the best exercise regime you can easily follow.
  • Stress – Being stress out negatively affect your fertility, therefore it is important to manage stress effectively. Involve yourself in meditation activities. We have well experienced counselor to help you manage your stress.
  • Addictions – Tobacco chewing, smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs negatively affect your health. It is very important to strictly stop any kind of addiction if you are trying to conceive.

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