Happy to share one of my very interesting cases.

43 yrs/f , Married since 24 years with history of accidental death of her 21 years old son , 2 months back .

She also has a daughter whose age is 19 years .


Due to sudden death of the young son , her husband went into phycological shock .

The desperation to want him back made the couple visit our center.

She had past history of 4 MTP’s done.

After her thorough examination ,the patient was found to have very poor ovarian reserve and unhealthy endometrium .

Her 1st H- L scopy was done in  dec’2017 –which showed adhesions with Asherman’s syndrome

Adhenolysis was done was done with septum resection .

Laproscopy showed pre tubal ligations bands with poor ovarian reserve .

After seeing all these complications with unstable state of mind detailed councelling was done for the couple and advised for ODP .

They  opted  for ODP  in june 2017 which unfortunately was negative.


Following the same disturbed mind her repeat hysteroscopy was done in dec 2017 which showed Asherman’s syndrome with unhealthy endometrium .Following same metroplasty was done .


There after gap of 8 months her 2nd # of ODP with PRP was done .

And “Yes” this time her reports were positive .

Gradually she developed GDM which was managed well with medications .

And with all the complications of high risk precious pregnancy  along with GDM , good news is that now she is blessed with a healthy child.


The couple is very happy .

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